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Environmental impact

Environmental impact “Improvement of the environmental impact” the O.P. intends to continue with technical assistance in the application of an integrated cultivation specification, compliant with the National Quality System for Integrated Production (measure 2B) and with the monitoring of the olive fly (measure 2C). Measure 2B The introduction, application, dissemination and surveillance of an integrated […]


Distribution Dissemination of information on the activities carried out by the organisation of operators. The objective of measure 6A is to involve and raise awareness in both olive growers and consumers on the central themes of the program such as: Olive growing and environmental protection; Innovation of the transformation process for the management of the […]


Traceability Traceability and Sustainability! We trace the extra virgin olive oils of our members, from the tree to the table… The Cooperative intervenes in support of the entire chain of extra virgin olive oil production, involving the various participants in the supply chain who voluntarily join the certification program pursuant to UNI EN ISO 22005: […]

The Agrisana OP

Agrisana Agricultural Cooperative Society established in 2015 in Sciacca in the province of Agrigento, is an organization of olive producers that, thanks to the support of its members, works for the protection of Sicilian olive growing and the enhancement of the extra virgin olive oil product. We are a network of olive growers governed by […]

Our Territory

The area of Sciacca expresses a subtle balance between sea, sun and land, factors that make the Mediterranean climate rich in biodiversity, with bright and harmonious colours, intense and delicate aromas, which are all present in the local extra virgin olive oil. It is an olive growing area, with many indigenous cultivars; the varieties Cerasuola, […]


Transparency AGRISANA AGRICULTURAL COOPERATIVE COMPANY Registered office in SCIACCA (AG) – VIA VERDI n. 27 Registration number in the Register of Companies of the AG and tax code 02772350845 REA No. 00205702 of AG Transparency obligations Law no. 124 of 2017 (Annual law for the market and competitors) Communication 2019 relating to the sums received […]